Blue Monday, Blue Lipstick?

Today is Blue Monday. We're all meant to be down in the doldrums, full of the January blues, having failed at all our New Year resolutions, generally full of self-loathing. Ouch! I sincerely hope nobody feels like that, dear readers, it's really not that bad! It's going to snow this week - is that not fun?! Anyway, I digress. A little blue lipstick called Blue For You landed on my desk last week, and it is perfect for a Blue Monday beauty … [Read more...]

Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys Unisex Lipstick

When I told my husband about this new 'unisex' lipstick from Poppy King's Lipstick Queen he looked confused. "Surely ALL lipstick is unisex," was his response. "If I wanted to wear lipstick, I could wear any lipstick, no?" And he's right. I don't get this new launch from Lipstick Queen. I can see the good intention behind it, but I think it's missed the mark spectacularly. In these gender fluid times, surely makeup can be worn by anyone, … [Read more...]

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector new shades

Clarins launch two new shades of their Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector for spring... at the end of this month. Yes, the spring collections are almost here, and this is the first to land on my desk for 2018. Yes, okay, it's not a collection as such, but spring is in the name! These two new shades are universally flattering,and will illuminate your lips with a wash of sheer colour. Choose from Hot Pink or Plum. Clarins give you two new … [Read more...]

Buxom Plumpline for lips

Buxom's Plumpline Lip Liner launches at the start of next year, and it's different. It's chunkier than a normal lip liner, but isn't really a lip crayon. It also has a lip brush at one end, which, although useful, I'm not overly sure about. When I first received it, before I looked at the press release, I thought it was going to be a hidden sharpener, and I was really quite disappointed when it wasn't! I also am not sure where I can get … [Read more...]

Sheer Matte Lipstick – it’s a thing!

Estee Lauder's Pure Color Envy Lipsticks come in loads of shades, and loads of formats including SHEER MATTES. Yep, a sheer matte. Seems a bit of a contradiction, right? But, actually, much to my surprise, it works. That's not to say I love it - but that's more because I don't love a sheer lipstick, nothing to do with the matte aspect. But, as far as sheer lipsticks go, matte is definitely the way for me. It's hard to explain the coverage … [Read more...]

Givenchy Rouge Sculpt

Givenchy launch their Rouge Sculpt  in September, a two-tone lipstick, each with one luminous shade on one side, and a graphic contour on the other, to perfectly frame the mouth. The finish is demi-matte, and perfectly defined. And the packaging is beautiful. So, Givenchy’s first two-toned lipstick offers  colour and contour in a single stick. It's all about the lips this AW, and contouring is … [Read more...]

Make a Statement (Lip) with Bare Minerals

YAY! I love a statement lip. I love red, orange and pink, in the boldest shades possible, and that's about it! So, this new Statement Lip collection from BareMinerals is just perfect. This collection comes in the best pinks, reds and berries. It's a pretty simple collection really - it consists of 25 bold shades, in three finishes. There's the Matte Liquid Lipcolour (£17) which isn't as liquid as others I have tried, but does dry down to a … [Read more...]

AINSEL Lipstick – new beauty brand

I love a new beauty brand - and this one is a lot of fun. Meet AINSEL (deriving from the old English for myself), a new 'digital beauty brand'. Yep, a digital beauty brand - founded by Millennials - but for whoever wants to be a part of it! The lipsticks - the core of the brand - are formulated and handcrafted in their unique London lab. Or, as founder, Lana, puts it: AINSEL is a beauty brand with a conscience, conceptualised by a team of … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder’s New Pure Color Love Lipstick

ESTEE LAUDER has launched a whole new line of lipsticks - 30 of them to be precise, in loads of colours, and loads of finishes. The new Pure Color Love range has to have something for everyone. There isn't really a lot I can say about these lipsticks, and I've only tried one of them - one of the nude ultra mattes. It is Matte, but the colour isn't for me. This one, pictured below, is Crazy Beautiful in a cream finish. So, there are 13 … [Read more...]

Kiss and Tell with Clinique!

When Clinique sent over this press release for Valentine's Day, it made me smile. It reminded me of daft quizzes and 'what your hand lines say about you' type features I loved in Jackie, Mandy, and Diana annuals as a kid. What Your Kiss Says About You, say Clinique. So, lipstick and paper at the ready, and get comparing these five lipstick kisses to your own! (All created with Clinique Pop Lip Colours, of course, available from Clinique and at … [Read more...]