Blue Monday, Blue Lipstick?

Today is Blue Monday. We're all meant to be down in the doldrums, full of the January blues, having failed at all our New Year resolutions, generally full of self-loathing. Ouch! I sincerely hope nobody feels like that, dear readers, it's really not that bad! It's going to snow this week - is that not fun?! Anyway, I digress. A little blue lipstick called Blue For You landed on my desk last week, and it is perfect for a Blue Monday beauty … [Read more...]

Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys Unisex Lipstick

When I told my husband about this new 'unisex' lipstick from Poppy King's Lipstick Queen he looked confused. "Surely ALL lipstick is unisex," was his response. "If I wanted to wear lipstick, I could wear any lipstick, no?" And he's right. I don't get this new launch from Lipstick Queen. I can see the good intention behind it, but I think it's missed the mark spectacularly. In these gender fluid times, surely makeup can be worn by anyone, … [Read more...]

Lipstick Chess from Lipstick Queen

It must be hard, being just a lipstick brand, and coming up with new and innovative products all the time. Poppy King, whose brand is Lipstick Queen, certainly does that. But this newly launched collection - Lipstick Chess - is more of a gimmick than an innovative product, I think. That's not to say it's not cute - but I have to admit I am not the biggest chess fan that ever lived! There are six shades in the collection, all named after a … [Read more...]

The Frog Prince (lipstick) Story

Last year I wrote a post about a green lipstick that wasn't actually green - it was Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince lipstick, and it was - and is - a massive hit. As well as it being Lipstick Queen's best-seller, it's Space NK's fastest selling single shade of lipstick of all time! So, here's the next chapter in the story - the Frog Prince Story. Launching next month, it's a cute little Frog Prince Cream Blush and Lipstick set. It's an ideal … [Read more...]

Lipstick Queen Smokey LIP kit.

Yes you read that right - Smokey LIP, not smokey eye. Lipstick Queen - that's Poppy King- has launched the Smokey Lip Kit, which creates a deep, dark, autumnal, smokey, lip by layering lippies. The kit contains two lipsticks - one of them the Black Lace Rabbit, a sheer black lippy with gold flecks through it. There are two kits available, each with a different base colour of Sinner, the brand's core full coverage satin matte … [Read more...]