Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Lip Colour

Are you over matte lipstick? Maybe even just a little bit? I have to admit I love it. But I bought yet another tube of Smashbox Always On in Bang Bang red the other week, and, as the weather turned, my mouth just didn't feel so great. All matte lipstick is drying. And whilst the new mattes - liquid and stick form - do have all sorts of ingredients in them to stop them being as dry as the mattes I recall from my youth, they just aren't nourishing … [Read more...]

Benefit launch Punch Pop!

Super cute, super retro, super cool. I love these new Punch Pop! lip colours from Benefit. They're an antidote to the mass matte trend, and the packaging is just perfect. Pop goes your Pucker, say Benefit, as they aim to coat your lips in a luscious, rich, nourishing liquid lip colour with super shine. Each vibrant colour has a POP of bursting colour, sensational shine and Vitamin E. Punch Pop! was inspired by iconic bubble gum - … [Read more...]

NEW Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipsticks

Lip contouring - or making your lips look fuller with makeup - has been a 'thing' in the beauty blogging world for a while now. Check YouTube, and there are loads of tutorials on how to do it. Most of them invlving a lot of products, and a fair bit of work. Smashbox are here to make it much simpler this AW with the launch of their Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick. Benefit did a sort of two-tone lippy a while back, but this has three layers and … [Read more...]