Buxom Plumpline for lips

Buxom's Plumpline Lip Liner launches at the start of next year, and it's different. It's chunkier than a normal lip liner, but isn't really a lip crayon. It also has a lip brush at one end, which, although useful, I'm not overly sure about. When I first received it, before I looked at the press release, I thought it was going to be a hidden sharpener, and I was really quite disappointed when it wasn't! I also am not sure where I can get … [Read more...]

Make a Statement (Lip) with Bare Minerals

YAY! I love a statement lip. I love red, orange and pink, in the boldest shades possible, and that's about it! So, this new Statement Lip collection from BareMinerals is just perfect. This collection comes in the best pinks, reds and berries. It's a pretty simple collection really - it consists of 25 bold shades, in three finishes. There's the Matte Liquid Lipcolour (£17) which isn't as liquid as others I have tried, but does dry down to a … [Read more...]