Hydration Heroes

Hydrating your skin is hugely important all-year round, but in particular when it's too hot, or too cold. I tend to suffer from bouts of dehydration these days rather than all year round dryness. There are a few products I can't live without - my Hydration Heroes - and a few new ones I have thrown into the mix. And hydration isn't just for the face - don't forget your body or your hair either. I love The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 … [Read more...]

Mask It! 12 Top Face Masks

For most of March I was exfoliating my skin all the time, the results recorded in this post on this blog. Last month it was the turn of hydrating face masks. Face masks and exfoliators are extra additions to your skincare routine that you really should embrace. I learned a lot from using them over the last few months, mostly that my skin loves it! My skin feels great. Adding a mask and an exfoliator to your weekly rotine is a must. Either that … [Read more...]