Lancer Skincare Like Kim K

Kim Kardashian. She's not on my list of role models, but heck, she's pretty popular, right? And anything she does is popular. So, if you are a big fan of KKW, then you will probably already know that Lancer skincare which she swears by has recently launcehd in to Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols. Created by LA dermatologist Dr Lancer, or Harold, as we're sure KKW calls him, the skincare regimen  - called Lancer The Method - was originally formulated … [Read more...]

Laura Mercier’s Joie De Vivre Collection

I had a makeover last week at the Laura Mercier counter in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols. The lovely Michael made me over with the brand's new Joie De Vivre Collection (Joy of Life). I'm not overly familiar with Laura Mercier as a brand, particularly of late, but I do know its a great brand with lovely produts, perhaps all a wee bit too safe for me at times. This new collection however, is right up my street - particularly the lovely vibrant … [Read more...]