Kaffe Fassett Achillea Hand Cream

Kaffe Fassett Heathcote & Ivory Hand Cream

I've tried loads of hand creams over the past 18 months thanks to my hand psoriasis. It has, touch wood, gone into a bit of a remission period at the moment, but handcream has become my best friend, and I am always on the look out for new ones to try. I have to admit that it was the amazing packaging that drew me to this fabulous Kaffe Fassett Achillea range Handcream (£10). And I am so glad I found it - now I have a new favourite handcream, and … [Read more...]

NEW Aveeno Skin Relief Handcream

aveeno skin relief new handcream

My whole year seems to have been about hand cream, thanks to a particularly nasty flare-up of psoriasis. Since February,  my hands,  and to a lesser extent my feet, have been cracked, broken,weeping, and sore. I was prescribed Aveeno by the doctors to soothe them, so I was delighted to try out a new Aveeno handcream recently.Aveeno's new Skin Relief Restore and Protect Hand Cream promises to instantly relieve very dry and chapped hands. I can … [Read more...]

Aveda Hand Relief Serum

Aveda Hand Relief Serum

I'm already a big fan of the Aveda Hand Relief handcream, so was thrilled to learn of the new launch, the Aveda Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum. It's another product for your night-time beauty routine.Hand cream is one of those products you always see the heroine rubbing into her hands in those old movies, sitting at her vanity (that's dressing table to you and me!), before she retires to her always gorgeous bed!So, emulate those old movie … [Read more...]