Fight The Frizz – Treat Your Hair with 5PM

I was recently sent four IGK products to beat my particular type of Frizz - Frizz at the Ends. According to IGK there are four types of frizz, and they have all the products you will ever need to tame them. Perhaps. But we always find popping into salon for a conditioning treatment and/or a blow dry does the trick. And if it's really bad, maybe it's a keratin trreatment you need? So, let's look at the IGK products, and then some super 5pm … [Read more...]

Summer Hair

I don't know about you, but the summer is a great time to play about with your hair. I've just had my hair dyed bright orange - why not? (I've popped my insta pic at the bottom of the post). Of course, summer is also a difficult time for our hair. If it's coloured it will fade, we might have to wash it more often thanks to the heat (who knew that would become a thing in Scotland?! But don't knock it!), it can dry out, and let's not even think … [Read more...]

So L’Avoly The Special One (for your hair)

I love a multi-use product, but this stuff  - it's just having a laugh with the amount of things it can do! The Special One - So L'Avoly Styling Cream, from Paul Mitchell boasts not one, not two, but TEN brilliant benefits. Detangling Split end prevention Shine boosting Frizz control Heat protection Moisturizing Colour saver Salt and chlorine protection UV protection Facilitate brushing and styling Wow! This stuff is … [Read more...]

Paul Mitchell goes POP for Christmas

I love this year's Christmas Gift Sets from Paul Mitchell, so I am sharing them all. And they do good as well, with every gift set supporting BABY2BABY charity, providing low-income children ages 0-12 with nappies, clothing and other necessities. The pop-art inspired packaging is fantastic - and you can pop out the little slogan bubble on each set and selfie with it! Use the hashtags #PEACELOVEPOP and #BABY2BABY on social media. For me, it … [Read more...]

Davines Wax and Pomade

I love a good hair product, and I am also a sucker for cute packaging - these have both! Davines have these lovely new haircare products  all wrapped up in pretty paper - perfect festive gifts! The products are More Inside Shine Wax, and Forming Pomade. The Shine Wax is creamy, yet light, and makes hair shine, but doesn't show, if that makes sense. Apply to damp hair before styling, or on dry hair to give a final finishing touch. It's … [Read more...]

Umberto Giannini relaunches

British hairdresser Umberto Giannini died in 2001, but his name has lived on through his salons and his product line, which has recently been completely revamped. The Birmingham hairdresser - once British Hairdresser of the Year, and a celeb's favourite, with Madonna, the Beckhams, and Leo DiCaprio on his client list - died of a rare muscle wasting illness, aged just 32. His products, available in Boots, are part of his legacy, and there are … [Read more...]

New Additions to Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil range

New hair products! I do love a hair product. My hair needs them, after all the grief I've put it through most of my life with constant colouring and bleaching! Bumble & Bumble are brilliant - I've used lots of their products and I've never come across any yet that I really don't like (apart from one range, which did nothing for my hair, but that was more my hair, than the products!). The Hairdresser's Invisible Oil range launched in 2014, … [Read more...]

Ojon launch Thickening Styling Mist

There has been a huge trend in the haircare world of late for thickening products. Not volumising, but actual  thickening, where the hair shaft is actually expanded, and volume isn't just added to the hair. Ojon are the latest to launch one - the Damage Reverse Thickening Styling Mist for Volume & Lift. Having dyed  - and more worryingly bleached -  my hair on and off for all of my adult life, my once-thick hair has become a bit fragile and … [Read more...]

New from Paul Mitchell – MirrorShine and Marula Oil

Over a lovely dinner, bloggers and press were introduced to the latest launches from haircare brand Paul Mitchell a few weeks ago. I've been trying a lot of new haircare brands of late, but Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Ginger is my go-to haircare range.  So, I was thrilled to see one of the brand's new launches was a new Awapuhi Ginger line - MirrorSmooth. MirrorSmooth has all the Awapuhi goodness of the original line, with added KeraReflect, a blend … [Read more...]

Label.M Honey & Oat Mask

Hair masks. Or masques, depending on brand. They really need to be my friend. If you have coloured wrecked hair like mine, then don't do as I do (forget to use them!), do as I say, and make hair masks your friend. Start with this new one from label.m, the latest addition to their Honey & Oat range, which was just a duo of shampoo and conditioner, but is now a trio! Formulated with label.m’s exclusive HYDRA-5 Complex technology, containing … [Read more...]