KC Color Mask Review

I love my red hair, but the upkeep is difficult, so I am always happy to try any new products that will boost my colour between salon visits. The latest product I've tried is the KC Color Mask, from a Finnish hair care company, which is actually brilliant. High praise, yes, but I can't fault this product at all. My red hair fades after a week or two, and I usually use a semi-permanent colour to freshen it up. I've used Fudge, Crazy Colour, … [Read more...]

Hot Chilli Hair from Fudge!

People often ask me what shade my red hair is. I've had this red for about two years now, but it's been this shade many times in the past before (with blonde, black, blue, purple, etc in between!) It's always the same red - L'Oreal MagiContrast in Red at the hairdressers, and topped up with Fudge Paintbox Hot Chilli when I need a boost. Having bright red hair is great fun - people do stare, and kids do often shout loudly 'mum, that lady's got … [Read more...]