Clarins launch SOS Primer range

Clarins launch a new range of primers at the end of the month - the SOS Primer collection. It's a biggie, and it's great. I am already regularly using two of the six available and I love the results. Basically, these primers all do different things, targeting different imperfections on your skin. There are six of them - and they give the perfect colour correction to the skincare concern, just where you need it. So, you can easily take … [Read more...]

MAC Mineralize Timecheck

Now, here's a product I've been advised to wear on my left HAND at  my wedding, to make it look beautiful, soft and smooth in any 'wedding ring photo'! MAC's new Mineralize Timecheck is a primer, essentially. MAC are getting heavily into their skincare again - watch this space. This product is infused with nourishing minerals and ingredients that fight against time. Obviously it's not magic, and it doesn't suddenly make your skin young … [Read more...]