Tanning Deals

Snow. Right, that's enough of that, I think. What is going on with this neverending winter?! So, let's NOT talk snow, and talk tanning instead. Okay, you might not be showing off your limbs, still wrapped up in winter clothes, but surely having a bit of a tan will make you feel better at least. I was browsing Instagram  recently and noticed St Tropez's new PURITY Bronzing Water Mousse (£31, Boots). Looks great, but I'm no good when it comes … [Read more...]

Love Island’s Olivia is the new face of Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter tan

Olivia  Buckland has been announced as the new ambassador for fake tan brand Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter. As Love Island is over for another year - with another Olivia making headlines - 2016's Olivia, who is engaged to her Love Island beau, Alex, is taking some of the ITV2 show spotlight back again.. With over 1.5 million social media followers, we all loved Olivia in 2016, right? And she looks stunning in these exclusive … [Read more...]

Fake tan news!

Fake tan is here to stay, that's a fact. I'm not a fan, but if there was one beauty trend I would say will most likely never end, it is this. I learned long ago that, pale-skinned and Scottish, even when I did get a hint of a tan, I was never going to have that beautiful olive skin I wished for. I spent years, quite frankly, orange, when fake tans were at their most primitive. I tried everything, and then I stopped. But fake tan didn't! The … [Read more...]

The Bronzie Tanning Mitt

It's another gimmicky beauty product today, but this one I do quite like. It sort of reminds me of my Granny drying me after a bath as a kid, so it makes me very nostalgic - maybe that's why I like it. The Bronzie 'Got Your Back' tanning mitt is a revelation in tanning mitts and is actually a pretty simple idea- aren't they all?! Bronzie, the company, started out with an actual Bronzie - that's a onesie to wear after tanning. Who … [Read more...]

New Gradual Tanner and BB Body from St Tropez and Ambre Solaire

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not very good with fake tan. I actually don't really like having a tan. Am I allowed to say that in 2016?! It seems that we're all obsessed with a golden glow, and looking 'sunkissed' and as a beauty writer and editor, yes, I talk about fake tan a lot. I can't exactly ignore the zeitgeist. However, my days of trialling every tan under the sun are well and truly behind me. I have no desire ever to … [Read more...]

St Tropez Tan Finder App

St Tropez have launched a 'tan finder' app which aims to help you choose the right tan for you- and you get 10% off your purchase when using it. It's actually really simple to use, you just click through a few screens, and it recommends a product. It's fun for avid fans, and first-time tanners, and helps you understand the huge choice of tans that St Tropez has on offer. Fake tanning is such a huge thing these days (and according to Euromonitor … [Read more...]

Clarins NEW Self Tanning Milky-Lotion

Clarins have brought out a new self tan for summer, their Self Tanning Milky-Lotion. It contains all sorts of lovely ingredients to provide you with a golden glow, with skincare benefits. The self-tan market is huge these days, and a self-tan can no longer be just that. This new tan has a smooth, milky texture and goes on quite easily. It also offers 24-hour hydration, which is what we all want in the summer, right? That happens thanks to … [Read more...]

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum

Fake Bake have just launched another tan - just in time for the start of British summertime! The clocks went forward at the weekend, the nights are lighter, and, HOPEFULLY, the weather will warm up too! When that happens, we have to bare our skin, and, even those of us who don't normally tan, sometimes want a little bit of sunshine glow.And with coconut being a buzzword in all things beauty and health, Fake Bake have captured the zeitgeist with  … [Read more...]

Fake tan Bronzer and Night Cream?!

If you read this blog regularly you will know that I had a bit of a pre-wedding tanning moment, before deciding (again!) that fake tanning was not for me! However, I did really like my Vita Liberata fake tan, and was interested in a couple of their latest products which were sent to me. First up is their Trystal Minerals Self-Tanning Tanning Bronzing Minerals (£35). Yep, a self-tan bronzer. So, essentially a bronzer, which you apply like a … [Read more...]

Fake Tan Fan?

During my many years as a beauty writer, I have had many fake tans. Before I was a beauty writer, I had many fake tans. I spent most of my teenage years, in the late 1980s, feeling completely let-down by my peely-wally Scottish skintone, and used anything at all to give me, what I thought, was a golden glow. Thanks to Duo-Tan and the like back then, I ended up more orange than golden, but I was certainly glowing! So, when I started to use … [Read more...]