Brows from Shavata, Clarins and Joan Collins

Eyebrows shape your face. They also keep the sweat out of your eyes. They can be thin, bushy, shaped, messy, thick, whatever. But, according to eyebrow guru, Shavata, they should always be groomed! And preferably at one of her counters, of course. I had my brows done at the new Shavata counter in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols last month. Shavata opened there around six years ago, but she's now moved to a bigger, better spot, across the other side of … [Read more...]

BeneFit Brows

Your eyebrows define your face. BeneFit have this system called 'brow-mapping' where they show you where your brows should be on your face, and then they wax and pluck them to that specification. Threading has become huge in the UK over the last few years, but I find it really painful, particularly on my left eyebrow. I do, however, love the smoothness afterwards, as it removes all of the downy hair around your brows. If you fancy threading, … [Read more...]

The Brows Have It!

Brows are having a beauty moment - again! Craig Alexander Wilson chatted through some his fave brow products on the 5pm Beauty Spot the other week, and I've been trying out two more NEW brow products from Bobbi Brown. Bobbi says 'brows are the unsung heroes of the face,' and she's right. I have massacred my poor brows over the years - cut them right down, shaved them off and pencilled them in, dyed them, over-plucked them and generally been … [Read more...]