Don’t have fright brows with Paul and Joe!

It's Hallowe'en and this article I found on my Facebook feed last week gave me a real fright. it's about awful make up, but the most awful thing in every image to me seemed to the eyebrows! It reminded me of this list from a few years back - check out how BAD these eyebrows are! Why do people get it SO wrong! Eyebrows are so important - they shape your face (as well as stopping swet from running into your eyes!), and yet they are so often, just … [Read more...]

The Brows Have It!

Brows are having a beauty moment - again! Craig Alexander Wilson chatted through some his fave brow products on the 5pm Beauty Spot the other week, and I've been trying out two more NEW brow products from Bobbi Brown. Bobbi says 'brows are the unsung heroes of the face,' and she's right. I have massacred my poor brows over the years - cut them right down, shaved them off and pencilled them in, dyed them, over-plucked them and generally been … [Read more...]