Face Scrub, Peel and Exfoliate

Scrub that skin! Well, use a scrub, but don't physically scrub it, of course - that is not good beauty practice! My skin gets drier and drier as the winter months move on, and I like to incorporate a once or twice weekly exfoliation into my skincare routine. We should be doing this most weeks anyway, but it's even more important at this time of year. There are so many ways to exfoliate your skin now - even if it's … [Read more...]

Body Exfoliation for Winter with 5pm

I tend to become obsessed with exfoliating in the autumn and winter months. It's like I just want my poor, tired skin - on my body and face - to glow, and indulging in a bit of exfoliating always helps! LUSH recently gifted me two products for my body - one of them an old favourite, the other a new-to-me style of exfoliator, in the form of a semi-spherical solid scrub. The Easy Peeler (£5) is a naked product - and one that I would say is … [Read more...]

Alpha-H launch Clear Skin Tonic

I love a beauty launch that is something new, and innovative. Alpha-H rarely lets me down, and the Australian brand has come up trumps once again with this new Clear Skin Tonic. Acids are great for the skin - we know this. They are excellent exfoliants and are brilliant in the pursuit of glowing skin. And we all want that glow! Water-soluble AHAs are ideal for skins where the natural desquamation - that's the shedding of the skin naturally - … [Read more...]

Alpha-H launch Liquid Gold Rose

Alpha-H's Liquid Gold is one of my absolute favourite beauty products. it launched back in 2000, and utilises Glycolic Acid to thoroughly cleanse/exfoliate your skin. You use it once, every other day,  in the evening before bed, and I cannot stress enough how good it is. If I stop using it, I feel the difference - and I see it very quickly. Now, Alpha-H are introducing their award-winning treatment in a new formula - Liquid Gold Rose, which … [Read more...]

Bare Minerals Dirty Detox and Polishing Grains

Bare Minerals launched two new skincare products this month - and they're fun! Effective, yes, but fun. I love the idea of mixing lotions and potions, and I love gunky products, so these two get the thumbs up from me. First up, it's the Dirty Detox. This is a super purifying mud to give your skin a fresh, healthy-looking glow. Bare Minerals harness the benefits of mud, loaded with clays, to help deliver smooth, luminous skin. It contains … [Read more...]

Exfoliation Dirty Dozen!

Exfoliation is a dirty business! Essentially, it's getting rid of all the old, dead skin cells, and revealing smoother, more luminous, brighter complexions. It's also something that we probably are all guilty of not doing enough of. Facial exfoliation should be an essential part of our skncare routine, at least a few times a week. I am terrible at it, but, for the last few weeks, I have been scrubbing away at my skin, all for your benefit, trying … [Read more...]