Cult Beauty – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Cult Beauty Product

 Whilst it’s always great to celebrate new launches in the beauty world- and there are more than enough of them to do that on this blog every week – there are some cult beauty products we just love to celebrate. Classics that have stood the test of time, maintained their best-selling status, and products that many of us couldn’t live without. So, let’s celebrate one every week! ELIZABETH ARDEN EIGHT HOUR CREAMElizabeth Arden created … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil

Elizabeth Arden's NEW Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil

Now, here's a launch that made me sit up and take notice! I am a big fan of Elizabeth Arden's iconic Eight Hour Cream (watch out for it in the cult beauty category soon), so I was thrilled to try their new Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil. It's one of those multi-taskers that are actually brilliant, packed full of fab ingredients, and, obviously, this one has all the benefits of Eight Hour Cream and more.Eight Hour Cream is probably … [Read more...]

Eight Hours with Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens' Fave Makeup products

Elizabeth Arden are doing quite a cool social media promotion right now, called #My8Hours, related obviously to their iconic Eight Hour Cream (which I love!). They've enlisted the support of eight inspiring women from varius professions, and they're giving an insight into their life -and thair beauty secrets. One of those involved is S Club 7's Rachel Stevens. I met Rachel once when I interviewed all of  S Club 7 back in their heyday when I … [Read more...]

Festival Survival Beauty!

tin the park festival essentials

It's T in the Park this weekend, and, if you are heading for the last ever T at Balado, before they move to their new home, then here are a few essentials you should take with you. Warning! This is not a beauty feature about all-in-one makeup products, lovely lipsticks, or festival ready beauty balms (well, okay, except one). This is about a few festival essentials that you might not normally speak about. Yes, deodorants, feminine freshness and … [Read more...]