Fringe Benefits with 5pm

Forget the crowds, the flyers, and the sore feet at the Edinburgh Fringe, which is in full flow now - the only fringe I am interested in is one of the hair variety! I'm currently sporting my hair in a curly style - see this previous post - complete with a curly fringe. Fringes come and go from year to year - they're hard to handle in the heat, but they can also give you mega cool points - look at Debbie Harry and Florence Welch for example? They … [Read more...]


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is in full swing, and it got me thinking about fringes of the hair variety. It's been a while since I had one, and in the summer sun they can be a real pain. But, come the autumn and winter, a fringe can be a cute thing to hide behind - and it always covers those frown lines. A fringe - or bangs,as our American cousins like to call them - are on-trend one month, and not the next. Some celebrities are known for … [Read more...]

Jump on the Benebus!!

If you're in Edinburgh during the Festival and Fringe this August, then why not jump on the Benebus for a makeover?! The Benebus (actually an old vintage ambulance, gutted painted pink and FULL of BeneFit goodies!), parked up at George Square in the city, is part of the beauty company's hook-up with leading female comedy producer, Funny Women, for their 10th Anniversary celebrations at the Edinburgh Fringe. Funny Women are resident at the … [Read more...]