New serums from Zelens

Elizabeth Arden does the 1970s trend

Zelens is the brand from renowned authority in skin ageing and skin cancer, Dr Marko Lens. His products are, quite simply, excellent, and he launches two brilliant new serums this summer. Zelens are one of those brands that I feel duty-bound to share with as many people as I can. They are, what the industry calls, cosmeceuticals, which doesn't really mean anything other than they are a sort of advanced skincare, developed by those in the … [Read more...]

Zelens launch colour range

Zelens Active Colour

Dr Marko Lens is the consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon behind the brand, Zelens, a brilliant skincare brand with products which combine natural ingredients with expert science for great results. Now, he's branching into colour with the Zelens Active Colour range  - but this is makeup with benefits, if you like. Every product does more than just add colour to the skin. There are 10 products in the range, from bases to blush, to lip … [Read more...]