Treat your skin with a facial

A facial is a great thing to indulge in - especially at the change of seasons. Slough off that dead skin, and glow again for the upcoming party season! Elemis has just launched a new Amethyst Roller so you can indulge in a little bit of a facial at home. Facial rolling gives great beauty benefits to your skin - it can boost circulation, relax facial muscles, help to eliminate toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. Using an … [Read more...]

Dermaplaning Deals

Dermaplaning has been a beauty buzzword for a while now, and I have to admit I've not yet tried it. Perhaps I've never felt the desire to remove the peachy fuzz from my face - or the vellus hair to give it its actual name - or maybe I am just a little scared... It's not a new practice at all though, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe 'shaved' their faces, as did Cleopatra, When you remove the peach fuzz with dermaplaning, you also remove the … [Read more...]