Adult Acne Products Tried and Tested

Acne AND wrinkles? How can this be true?! But spots aren't just for teenagers. And even if you had clear skin all through those teenage years, various factors might mean, as you approach your more, well, mature, years, spots might appear. There are so many causes for skin eruptions, and various types of acne. Hormones, stress, external factors, intolerance to types of food - the list goes on. Thankfully, there are products available that will … [Read more...]

NEW Murad Rapid Relief Spot Treatment

Murad has a whole range called Blemish Control, and this is the latest addition  - the Rapid Relief Spot Treatment. If you are bothered by spots and blemishes then this maximum-strength product aims to reduce them in just four hours.The invisible gel formula can be applied at any time of day to reduce blemish size and redness. So you can use it for the occasional spot, or as an ongoing treatment. It can be used alone, or under makeup, … [Read more...]