Vidal Sassoon


I'm a bit of a Paul Mitchell girl when it comes to my hair, but recently I tried out Vidal Sassoon's Illuminating Clean Shampoo and Illuminating Condition Conditioner (£15.05 each). Both were specially developed for use on coloured hair - perfect for me, and they really work.My hair kept it's colour, which is hugely important when you have dyed bright red hair - red fades pretty badly. But as well as that they were just conditioning enough, and … [Read more...]

Sweet haircare from Label.M


I have been trying out some new shampoo and conditioner recently, and I am always wary when I do this. I'm quite particular about what I wash my hair with. I'm very brand loyal (Paul Mitchell is king), but for the purposes of work I sometimes give other things a go.I know that label.m is a good brand, so I wasn't too concerned when I was given the Honey & Oat Shampoo and Conditioner to try. I expected they'd be pretty good, and as they  are … [Read more...]