Skinade Collagen Drink

For 30 days recently I drank Skinade every morning, one of the latest collagen drinks on the market. I have to admit I have never been one for beauty supplements. I dislike swallowing tablets of any sort, so popping collagen pills has never had much appeal. Drinking something not that pleasant every day for a month or more is also not that appealing. I am hopeless with juice diets (anyone want to buy a juicer? Hardly used...), I really don't … [Read more...]

Magic Beauty Potion?

I've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently, having bought and downloaded the full run of Misty comic to my iPad for bedtime reading! I loved Misty and Mandy as a kid, and the stories transport me back and are still a joy to read. Mandy had one of my favourite characters ever, Valda: Girl of Mystery. Valda has the secret to eternal youth (life, actually), held in a crystal she kept in her pouch. In Misty, all of the stories were dark, from … [Read more...]