New sun care from Clinique

Clinique launch two new sun care products this month - one body, one face, both high protection. The SPF30 Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream is more of a skincare than sun care product, and the SPF30 Virtu-Oil Body Mist is already one I am looking forward to using. So, lets start with that one. The new SPF30 Virtu-Oil Body Mist (£25) - it's a bit of a name, I know - is sun protection made easy. It has the same feel of a dry body oil, in a lightweight, … [Read more...]

Super Suncare

Okay, I know, we've had more rain than sun of late, but there are moments when it shines (today is a good day, yeah?!), and if you are off on holiday soon, you will need this super suncare guide! Following on from last week's facial suncare post, it's the turn of your body this week Don't leave home/hotel/apartment/tent/villa without sunscreen. And make sure you take enough to last you the duration of your holiday with proper coverage. You need … [Read more...]

Facial suncare

Gone are the days of just slapping on a bit of your bottle of sunscreen onto your face. If you really care about your skin, then you should invest in a tube or two of dedicated facial suncare when you head off on your holidays. You should probably wear an SPF daily anyway, to keep ageing at bay - those UVA rays are harmful too! It's the UVB rays that burn, so when you are heading to the beach, remember to take suncare that protects from UVA and … [Read more...]

Summer SPF time – from Clinique and Clarins

Okay, so the weather has turned a wee bit rubbish today after a gorgeous  Easter Bank Holiday weekend, but summer is coming. Trust me. It will be here. I know this because it's that time of the beauty calendar year again when all my email subjects have 'SPF' or 'UVA/UVB' in them somewhere! First up this week was Clinique's new Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45, which is formulated with 100% non-chemical sunscreen, providing high-level UBA/UBV … [Read more...]