Fresh Vitamin C Beauty from Clinique and No7

There's a new buzz in the beauty industry right now, powered by Vitamin C. Clinique and Boots No7 have launched Vitamin C products in the last month, so I thought I should take a look at them! But, the power of Vitamin C in skincare is not really that new. I recall using Philosophy's products waaaay back, which were heavy on the Vitamin C. As a skincare ingredient, as Ascorbic Acid, it is used for radiance - giving your skin the boost that a … [Read more...]

Turnaround, with Clinique

Whenever I read or write about Clinique's Turnaround range, Bonnie Tyler's classic 80s hit, Total Eclipse of the Heart comes into my mind... Bonnie sang 'turn around, bright eyes', but lovers of this range might sing 'Turnaround, bright skin' because that's effectively what it does. it turns your dull skin around, bringing back the radiance we all desire. There are now five products in the range, with the very recent addition of two new products … [Read more...]