Clinique Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask – Face Mask Friday

Beauty masks are everywhere these days - so let's trial one every other Friday from now on. From sheet masks, to clay masks, to cream masks, and everything inbetween.   CLINIQUE PEP-START DOUBLE BUBBLE PURIFYING MASK, £24 First up is Clinique's latest addition to the Pep-Start line, the new Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask. The Clinique Pep-Start range is aimed at younger skins, and it's all about brightening, lifting, and … [Read more...]

Pep-Start your Day with Clinique

Earlier this year, Clinique launched their Pep-Start Eye Cream. In zesty orange packaging, it was quite a departure from the clinical Clinique look. I did wonder if there was more to come, and here it is - the rest of the Pep-Start range. In bold, bright packaging, this skincare is more generic, and less targeted than some, and is, I assume, aimed at a younger customer. It's what brands do when they are looking to bring newbies to them! Once in, … [Read more...]

Get a Pep-Start with Clinique

Clinique's new eye cream, Pep Start, has launched with a heavy social media campaign, and its very own hashtag - #imin. Are you in? The new eye cream contains a blend of seven peptides (hence the name) to help maintain collagen that can be threatened by stress, fatigue and lack of sleep - the tell-tale signs of a busy life! This little bright orange tube contains a cream that, according to Clinique, will help eyes look vibrant, refreshed … [Read more...]