Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish Grapefruit & Patchouli

Liz Earle Grapefruit Patchouli Cleanse and Polish

If you are a Liz Earle fan, chances are the Cleanse & Polish is your favourite product. And no wonder. It is a joy to use. I have to say I am late to this party. I have tried it in the past, but never persevered with it, put off slightly by the smell - a bit too herbal for me. But, last autumn, Liz Earle launched an amazing Rose & Lavender limited version, which I blogged about here at the time. It was a great introduction to a fab … [Read more...]

Philosopy’s new Glasgow counter


I was thrilled to open a gorgeous package of Philosophy hero products this week to celebrate the launch of their new counter in Debenhams in Glasgow, which opened yesterday, and looks something like the picture on the left!Philosophy was founded in 1996 by Cristina Carino, a skin care entrepreneur and visionary with over 30 years experience working with leading dermatologists. The brand is fun and functional. The bath products are adorable, and … [Read more...]

Cleanse that skin!


Christmas = lots of parties + lots of makeup + lots of late nights = tired skin! A simple equation and one that we all practice at this time of year. But there is an unknown factor in this equation  - leaving that makeup on!Ladies, don't do it! Although we've all been there, and it is sorely tempting when we come in to just slump into bed, full face on the pillow, try and take it off!Cleanser is a hugely important part of your beauty routine, … [Read more...]

Cleanse with Bobbi…


Makeup is great, but sometimes there's nothing better than cleansing it all off at the end of the night, and feeling that fresh, clean skin!The latest addition to Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Skincare Collection will do just that. It's the Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser (£19), and it's lovely to use - and has been specially formulated to cleanse and purify without stripping or drying. There is nothing worse than that 'tight' feeling after … [Read more...]