Clarins launch SOS Primer range

Clarins launch a new range of primers at the end of the month - the SOS Primer collection. It's a biggie, and it's great. I am already regularly using two of the six available and I love the results. Basically, these primers all do different things, targeting different imperfections on your skin. There are six of them - and they give the perfect colour correction to the skincare concern, just where you need it. So, you can easily take … [Read more...]

New from Clarins – Radiant and Clean!

Clarins have two lovely new products on counter this month - for radiance and cleansing. First up is the Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base which you might just need in the darkest days of winter which are yet to come! You can apply this after your moisturiser, or mix it with our foundation, and it will eliminate imperfections, and help you get that flawless skin look we all desire. It comes in three shades - rose, champagne and … [Read more...]