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Prevasore Lip Care

I get a lot of brands on my desk that I have never heard of before. Many are new, some just new to me. In the last couple of weeks I've been having a look at products from four brands that I'm not familiar with. A change is as good as a rest, my mum always says, so why not?! First up is Prevasore (£6.95,, a lip treatment which targets not only dry and chapped lips, but those pesky cold sores. The HSV-1 virus is one of the most … [Read more...]

Lip Balm Addiction? Melvita may cure it


Your lips need looking after in the winter, but be careful choosing what you take care of them with. Dry and chapped lips can actually be exacerbated by constant re-application of paraffin-based lip balms. I pounced on a poor friend in the pub who was liberally applying and re-applying her lip balm at the weekend.Lip balm addiction is very real, and harmful. The main additive in many lip balms is petroleum jelly, or a petroleum by-product such … [Read more...]