Chanel Hand Cream and a Manicure maybe?

It's Friday, time to treat yourself! Chanel launched a new handcream last week, and what's more pampering and luxurious than applying a sumptuous cream to your hands? Watch any old movie, and they're all at it, sitting at their dressing tables before bed, applying hand cream. It's a habit we want to get in to! And in the winter, it's a habit we all need to do more of to avoid uncomfortable dry hands. If you fancy the Chanel cream it's La … [Read more...]

Chanel’s new Coco Mademoiselle EDP Intense

What better time to launch a new fragrance than in time for National Fragrance Week? Chanel did just that, launching their new Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Intense on March 1, just in time for Fragrance Week, which ends this weekend. The new Coco turns things up a notch, whilst retaining much from the original scent. Like the original this flits between the freshness of citrus peel and the ardent blaze of wood, but adds beautiful … [Read more...]

Chanel Neapolis: New City SS18 Makeup Collection

Chanel's latest makeup collection - Neapolis: New City - is bright, beautiful and bold - like the city which inspired it, Naples. Chanel's Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, Lucia Pica, hails from the Italian city, and took inspiration from every corner of it to create this brilliant, yet simple, spring/summer palette. Neapolis, means 'new city', emphasising the focus on the old and new of Napoli (Naples) that equally inspired this … [Read more...]

Chanel launch Blue Serum Eye Concentrate

Last January, Chanel helped with the 'blues' with the launch of their Blue Serum. This year, they launch the complementary eye product - the Blue Serum Eye Revitalizing Concentrate. The Blue Serum range is aimed at younger women, who want to begin their anti-ageing routines, and it contains top ingredients from the world's 'blue zones' to give you firmer and healthier skin- read more about the concept behind the Blue range at the link … [Read more...]

La Creme Main from Chanel

Handcream. I am never without it. Since the end of 2013 I have been plagued with palmoplantar psoriasis, and my hands have been - on and off - a distressed, peeling, cracking mess. Touch wood - this year they are free from my psoriais, BUT...I am still applying handcream. Chanel's new La Creme Main might still be a little too much for my hands - I'm terrified to use anything new on them, but it is surely the most beautiful handcream you will … [Read more...]

Lily-Rose Depp, Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss, and stickers!

Just how lovely is Lily-Rose Depp? With Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp for parents, it's not a surprise really is it, that she's such a gorgeous girl, and now she's the new face of the new campaign for Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss. Actress Lily-Rose Depp is already the face for N°5 L’EAU, and her youthful freshness and beauty makes her a pretty good choice for this campaign too. (Lily-Rose Depp has started her movie career in 2014 with a cameo … [Read more...]

Chanel Codes Spring Collection

The five iconic colour codes of Chanel are red, black, gold, white and beige. And the company's Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, has developed a new Spring 2017 makeup collection celebrating, reinterpreting, and deciphering those codes. THERE IS A SENSE OF AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN WHAT GABRIELLE CHANEL DID. SHE COULD NOT HELP USING THESE COLORS, THESE 'CODES' ; THIS WAS WHO SHE WAS, IT WAS HER LIFE.  - LUCIA PICA The centre piece of the … [Read more...]

Chanel’s January Blue(s) Serum

It's January, and if you have the January blues we hope it's in the form of the new Chanel Blue Serum! This latest skincare launch from the French giants, is an anti-ageing serum that harnesses three key ingredients from three atypical locations characterised by population with exceptional longevity - called blue zones. In addition to remarkable ecosystems, these populations all share a lifestyle based on four major common factors: a … [Read more...]

Chanel’s new No5 L’Eau EDT

Lily-Rose Depp is the face of Chanel's latest fragrance, No.5 L'Eau. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Vanessa Paradis, the 17-year-old models for the most famous name in perfume. And she's also impossibly beautiful, like her mother! But let's talk about the fragrance. Chanel No5 is probably the most iconic perfume in the world, agreed? It ushered perfumery into a new era, with its code-like name, and its unique scent. It's actually … [Read more...]

Collection Etats Poetiques from Chanel

I have already fallen in love with the imagery from Chanel's AW14 beauty collection, Etats Poetiques inspired by Gabrielle Chanel's fascination with the art of poetry.  And, I think I am now falling in love with the collection. It is a very romantic, pared down collection, with washes for lips, barely there glosses, nude nails, but all about the eyes, with bold, bright eyes. The eyes are at the heart of the collection with no less than six … [Read more...]