Chanel Hand Cream and a Manicure maybe?

It's Friday, time to treat yourself! Chanel launched a new handcream last week, and what's more pampering and luxurious than applying a sumptuous cream to your hands? Watch any old movie, and they're all at it, sitting at their dressing tables before bed, applying hand cream. It's a habit we want to get in to! And in the winter, it's a habit we all need to do more of to avoid uncomfortable dry hands. If you fancy the Chanel cream it's La … [Read more...]

La Creme Main from Chanel

Handcream. I am never without it. Since the end of 2013 I have been plagued with palmoplantar psoriasis, and my hands have been - on and off - a distressed, peeling, cracking mess. Touch wood - this year they are free from my psoriais, BUT...I am still applying handcream. Chanel's new La Creme Main might still be a little too much for my hands - I'm terrified to use anything new on them, but it is surely the most beautiful handcream you will … [Read more...]