Chanel launch Blue Serum Eye Concentrate

Last January, Chanel helped with the 'blues' with the launch of their Blue Serum. This year, they launch the complementary eye product - the Blue Serum Eye Revitalizing Concentrate. The Blue Serum range is aimed at younger women, who want to begin their anti-ageing routines, and it contains top ingredients from the world's 'blue zones' to give you firmer and healthier skin- read more about the concept behind the Blue range at the link … [Read more...]

Chanel’s January Blue(s) Serum

It's January, and if you have the January blues we hope it's in the form of the new Chanel Blue Serum! This latest skincare launch from the French giants, is an anti-ageing serum that harnesses three key ingredients from three atypical locations characterised by population with exceptional longevity - called blue zones. In addition to remarkable ecosystems, these populations all share a lifestyle based on four major common factors: a … [Read more...]