Colour Correction with new Erborian CC creme

I have mild rosacea and I do suffer from flushing (mainly with heat or alcohol) which is very frustrating. I'm always looking for new correcting products., and this latest one from Korean brand, Erborian, is the latest I've tried. The Erborian CC Red Correct is changes colour on contact with your skin, and adapts to your own skin tone, whilst also soothing the skin and helping the redness. It's a CC Creme, enriched with Centella Asiatica. … [Read more...]

Creme de la Mer’s NEW Reparative Skin Tint

Creme de la Mer fans will love the NEW Reparative Skin Tint SPF30. Creme says it is 'far beyond a BB, and light years past a CC'. I'd say it was pretty similar to both of those. It gives you a healthy tint, whilst simultaneously working to repair and protect the look of your skin. I've used this for a few weeks, and there are a couple of things I would say. Don't use it on top of serum and moisturiser - you don't need to, and if you do, it won't … [Read more...]

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

Bare Minerals have evolved as a brand SO much from when I first became aware of them. I was never a fan of that classic mineral powder makeup. I always felt it sat in my pores, enhanced my lines and wrinkles, and was drying on my skin. I wasn't a big fan of their last liquid base launch, BareSkin Foundation, either. BUT. I do love their newest base, out in April, Complexion Rescue. They've got it just right this time around. This tinted … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Bases

This week I've gone shopping with my trusty 1980s jelly basket for summer bases. Do you change your foundation in the summer months? You should, if you don't already. Summer means we can get away with something lighter, more of a tinted moisturiser than an actual foundation. You want to let any summer glow shine through, and if you get a holiday tan, you may need a slightlt different shade anyway. I love the range of bases available in the beauty … [Read more...]