Brow time with MAC

Brows. They're big beauty news. And bigger. But not huge. Let's hope the days of over-bold, HD brows are over, agreed? But I do love a bit of a structured brow, and, therefore, a brow product. MAC has launched two new products that will hit counters next week. One of them, the Shape & Shade Brow Tint, sort of scares me. I haven't tried it, but I have one on the way so I will update soon! .   A liquid brow liner on one … [Read more...]

Brows by Benefit and YSL

I have quite a brow history, it has to be said, and I have had long spells where they have been neglected. Recently I have been flitting between the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh, where they are lovingly threaded, and Benefit, where they are waxed and shaped. I love threading, but I also enjoy the Benefit Brow Bar experience, and they are kind enough to offer me complimentary brows. My recent experience at the Debenhams BrowBar in … [Read more...]

Brows Are It say MAC!

MAC has just launched a brand new brow collection with everything you will ever need (other than your own threader/waxer/plucker) to keep your brows on point! Brows shape your face. You need them!  MAC Senior Artist Cher Webb told me over lunch recently that she would take brows over mascara and lipstick on a desert island anytime! I agree. We sat down with Cher and asked her her views on brows, whose brows look the best, and how to get the … [Read more...]