Body Care Beauty

I'm very neglectful of my body care beauty routine it has to be said. I rarely moisturise, I use the same shower soap all the time, and I hide my dry limbs under thick tights in the winter, and ignore. I do have palmoplantar psoriasis, so, even in clear spells, I am wary of using anything on my hands (it affects the palms of my hands and soles of my feet) that night cause a flareup. But, that's my excuse - whats yours? Time to sort out your … [Read more...]

Take Two – Multi-purpose beauty oils

There are literally hundreds of oils on the beauty market these days. As well as the classic body oils, and treatment oils that we've had for years, the beauty world has fully embraced facial oils in recent years, as well as hair oils that aren't just those heattheminwaterandthenapply hair oils that I remember from the 1990s. Dry oils revolutionised body oils - all the oil benefits, none of the oily mess. But now, we've gone one step further, … [Read more...]

Baobab Body Oil

There's always some new 'superfruit' or magic berry around in beauty, and here' a new one, broght to us in a body oil - the Baobab.  Baobab Oil is cold pressed from the fruit seed of the mighty, ancient, Baobab Tree, straight to bottle, unrefined and 100% organic. For centuries,the fruit of the Baobab Tree, which grows in the sub Sahara, East Africa and Madagascar has been known to local people as the Tree of Life for its role in easing ailments … [Read more...]

Darphin’s Satin Body Oil

I love body oils. I have dry skin, and body butters and moisturisers sometimes just don't cut it. But, I find a body oil, applied to damp skin before I get out of the shower always leaves my skin soft and smooth - at least until the next day. So, when I received the new Darphin Nourishing Satin Oil, I was happy to give it a go. It's a dry oil formula, so it doesn't have that 'oily' feel and it is jam-packed full of essential oils ready to … [Read more...]