Winter Body Care

If I have one beauty resolution for the New Year it's to take more care over my body care. I am fastidious with my application of facial skincare, and completely random and hit or miss with my body care. And in the winter, you can't be like that. Dropping temperatures and rising heating temperatures make our skin prone to drying out. So, time to get yourself a good body care product - and I am telling myself this too. One of my all-time … [Read more...]

Legs, legs, legs – prep for summer

It's officially summer, so that means NO MORE THICK BLACK TIGHTS! Time to put the opaques back in the drawer and get the legs out. And that means facing what the winter, and our cold spring, months have done to our legs. No-one is saying you have to do anything, but who really doesn't want to look after the skin on their body as well as their face? There's no point treating your face with loads of products and leaving your legs as cracked as the … [Read more...]

Body-licious body creams (and butters and lotions!)

It's the Oscars on Sunday night - so that means lots of leg peeking out of couture gowns, and shimmering arms and decolletes on show as the movie stars ramp up the glamour for the biggest red carpet of the year so far. My poor legs feel like they haven't had an outing for years, never mind months, but with spring around the corner, and a few weddings and events to attend (those are our Oscars, girls, aren't they?!), it's time to start looking … [Read more...]