Beauty Bargain of the Week – Argan Oil Body range


We can all spend a fortune on beauty products, but we don’t need to. Every week, I’m going to bring you my ‘Beauty Bargain of the Week‘  – a product I’ve used, and would recommend, and that, on most occasions, costs less than a fiver! What’s not to like!Argan oil is something of a 'beauty buzzword' this year. It's a plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is endemic to Morocco and the oil is valued for nutritive and … [Read more...]

Darphin’s Satin Body Oil


I love body oils. I have dry skin, and body butters and moisturisers sometimes just don't cut it. But, I find a body oil, applied to damp skin before I get out of the shower always leaves my skin soft and smooth - at least until the next day.So, when I received the new Darphin Nourishing Satin Oil, I was happy to give it a go. It's a dry oil formula, so it doesn't have that 'oily' feel and it is jam-packed full of essential oils ready to … [Read more...]