Surf & Sand from Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown's Surf & Sand collection is Bobbi's perfect summer beauty essentials for creating an effortlessly chic beach look. I'm not sure I want to head to the beach with a full face of makeup, but I can see where she is coming from...This lovely collection is, however, perfect for those summer evenings - and days - when you're not heading to the beach, Or, perhaps, if you're going to a beach or poolside resort where posing is more … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar for Summer

Bobbi Brown raw sugar lip balm

If Bobbi Brown launched nothing again after her amazing Art Sticks, I could live with that. But, well, that's a tad selfish, and there's plenty more Bobbi Brown beauty goodness to come, you'll be glad to know, starting with this lovely Raw Sugar Collection.Perfect for summer, inspired by the warm hues of raw sugar crystals, Bobbi's Raw Sugar collection brings to life shimmering textures of sugary nudes and bronzed, sun-kissed skin. The mix of … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Collection

Bobbi Brown Chocolate A-W 2013 collection

"This autumn, chocolate is the new black." So says Bobbi Brown, and she's created a beautiful autumn makeup collection to illustrate her claim. Bobbi's Rich Chocolate Collection is inspired by bittersweet chocolate and ripe raspberries. And, you get to indulge a chocolate craving, without actually eating it!This collection is  all about the eyes - enhanced by black-infused brown, and complemented by a touch of rosy, just-pinched colour, on … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Sea Pearls Collection

Bobbi Brown Sea Pearls Collection

Here's another lovely collection from Bobbi Brown - the Sea Pearls Collection.This one makes me think of hot, sunny places, and long for a holiday again!Bobbi has taken the popular shimmer brick bronzer, and applied the principle to a gorgeous eye shadow palette - the Eye Shadow Shimmer Brick (£42) with a range of ten shadows in shimmery pastel tones, from gold to pink to blue.It's really lovely, you can use the shades individually, or … [Read more...]

Lilac Rose from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Lilac Rose Model

There is a HUGE trend for pastels and blush and nude colours this spring/summer and Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Collection takes inspiration from the catwalk. This pretty collection adds a modern, fresh twist to the prettiest pastels and blush colours.The star of the collection is the Lilac Rose Eye Palette (£45) which has eight eye shadows in it, from dusty pinks to heather greys and lily shades, which complement all skin tones. There is, of … [Read more...]