Bobbi’s gone all Luxe for the festive season

I love a metallic eyeshadow. It's pretty much the only type of eyeshadow I use. And the new Luxe Eye Shadow from Bobbi Brown is the latest I've tried. These shadows come in a trio of finishes, from the high shimmer of Rich Lustre, to the molten foil finish of Rich Metal, to the super-charged sparkle of Rich Sparkle. The two I've tried are the metal and sparkle. The Rich Sparkle comes in four shades - Moonstone, and Sun Flare, Volcanic, and … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Lip Colour

Are you over matte lipstick? Maybe even just a little bit? I have to admit I love it. But I bought yet another tube of Smashbox Always On in Bang Bang red the other week, and, as the weather turned, my mouth just didn't feel so great. All matte lipstick is drying. And whilst the new mattes - liquid and stick form - do have all sorts of ingredients in them to stop them being as dry as the mattes I recall from my youth, they just aren't nourishing … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown The New Classics Lipstick

In my 1993 press photo, my lipstick is a deep, deep, berry red. The shade? Bobbi Brown's Raisin. Created in 1991, Bobbi Brown's original lipstick line was created by Bobbi when she was a freelance makeup artist. Raisin was just one of her shades, featuring a unique brown base she developed when she struggled to find flattering lipsticks. The other shades Bobbi launched with were Salmon, Beige, Brown, Rose, Pink, Orange, Blackberry, Burnt Red and … [Read more...]

Luxe Lip Color from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has just launched some lovely new lipsticks - Luxe Lip Color. Featuring gorgeous, sumptuous, gold packaging, and a luxurious new formula, these are, to paraphrase (or totally plagiarise!) a well-known brand's slogan, not just any lipstick...! This new formula delivers treatment benefits as well as fantastic colour. These clever lipsticks will help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, and relieve flaking while a blend of … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Scotch on the Rocks

Bobbi Brown's winter collection is Scotch on the Rocks. Not that it's reminiscent of Scotland, in any way, but rather inspired by legendary Lauren Bacall, the screen siren, who passed away earlier this year. We wonder if love of her life, Humphrey Bogart has scotch in his glass, in this festive family portrait with their son, Stephen? It's a sumptuous, luxurious collection, with gorgeous palettes (of course!) and every other product you could … [Read more...]