Bobbi Brown’s new Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15

Here's something to cheer you up this January -a new Bobbi Brown foundation! I love a Bobbi base, and this new Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 is a full-coverage base, with a natural finish. It offers mattifying coverage that is breathable and weightless, and will never appear cakey or flat. It's been created with a high speed cold fusion prices, and is and ultra fine, silky emulsion with lots of fab wear-extending ingredients in it, … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation

Another new foundation? Yes, but this one is a wee bit different. Inspired by her holistic approach to beauty, Bobbi has created a luxe hybrid foundation, the perfect blend of skincare and makeup. Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 'beautifies from the inside out' with super-charged serum ingredients, including Cordyceps Mushroom, a powerful tonic used in traditional Chinese medicine, along with Bobbi's signature skintone correct … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown new Face Touch Up Palette

New Year. New makeup? New Palette? MUST be Bobbi Brown! The Queen of the palette, Bobbi Brown's Face Touch Up Palette launches on January 1  - can we ask for New Year presents now too?! This brilliant palette is designed for anyone who wants to quickly and easily achieve that flawless complexion, whilst on the go. It is a true portable skin perfector. It's just palm-sized, with a mirror, and four of Bobbi's best-selling base products. It … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation

YES! It's another foundation! It's all I seem to be reviewing at the moment. This latest is from the queen of bases, Bobbi Brown, and it's a compact powder foundation. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation is a bit different to the others I've been trialling of late. I have quite a lot to say about this one, so bear with me! Most powder foundations start as powder that is pressed into a pan - this one is different because it starts as a … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown’s new Longwear Even Finish Compact Foundation

Bobbi Brown have just launched a new Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation. These 'quick-fix' foundations are becoming more and more popular again, I've noticed, with women wanting something they can easily apply, wherever they are. This new foundation is, as Bobbi says, 'designed to disappear' - what she means is, it's perfectly matched to skin tone and texture, will never look fake or cakey, just smooth and natural. I've had a play with … [Read more...]

Long-Wear from Bobbi Brown

Long-wear foundations have come, well, a long way, since the days of the thick pansticks of my 1980s youth. I'm still more of a tint girl, but sometimes, when you want a little bit more coverage, a full-on foundation is in order. However, with technologies available these days, unless you apply it badly, you need never suffer any caked look ever again. With Bobbi Brown's New Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15 there is absolutely no danger of … [Read more...]