Dior’s new Rouge Blush

We've all heard of matching our nail and lip colour - but our blush and lip colour? That's a new one, but it's a thing, according to Dior - and the new Dior Rouge Blush is how to do it. Rouge Blush by Dior's Creative Makeup Director, Peter Philips, comes in 27 shades, drawn from the colours of the legendary Rouge Dior lipstick. This means that every shade of lipstick has a corresponding blush, so your lip and cheek colours complement each … [Read more...]

Blush and Highlight with Benefit and Bare Minerals

Two new blush/highlighters landed on my desk recently - Benefit's Gold Rush Blush, and Bare Minerals' Crystalline Glow Bronzer and Highlighter Palette. Blushing and highlighting is big news this summer. Bare Minerals' new palette does it all. It's a limited edition, three-shade palette that will add a gorgeous glow. Inspired by the light reflection and refraction of crystals, it contains a trio of rose gold hues. Each powder contains … [Read more...]

NARS NARSissist Cheek Palettes

I've been having a bit of a 'blusher moment' of late - I find it hard to believe it was a beauty product I used to omit from my regime! Even though I have a bit of a high-flush going on, particularly in the heat, or after a drink, blusher is an essential part of my makeup routine, and so it should be!   I love a cheek palette, and these new NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek Palettes  - what's not to love?! The NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek … [Read more...]

NEW M&S Limited Collection beauty bits

New year, new makeup! It's time to give your makeup bag an overhaul and get rid of all those bits and pieces you don't use, and invest in some new products. M&S Limited Collection release a few new products this month - key items that you should have in your bag. First up, a brow palette. I know how messy those can get, so invest in a new one. This all-in-one kit, the Step by Step Brow Kit (£8) contains three powders, in  Light, Medium and … [Read more...]

Blushing blossom

In the park near my home at this time of year, the cherry blossom is out in full force,and the pathways are lined with the most beautiful colour. I adore walking there at the moment. Which brings me neatly to the lovely,handy, user-friendly, brilliant idea, one pot, applicator and mirror blusher from New CID Cosmetics, which is called, i-blossom! When I first saw these at a press launch a month or so ago, myself and all the other beauty … [Read more...]

Blushing Beauty

I could debate for hours on the old Powder/Cream blusher topic. (Yes, I know it's not that important in the grand scheme of things, but hey, this is a beauty blog, yeah?!) I've tried both and those that claim to be a hybrid of the two. I'm never sure which I like best. Applied properly, I like the intensity some cream blush gives, but for ease, powder usually wins. So, you can imagine how confused I have been for the last couple of months trying … [Read more...]

Light Up Your Beauty Routine!

I don't know about you, but when I was a teenager I desperately wanted one of those dressing-room mirrors with the lights round them you see movie stars sitting in front of, or actors peering into, trying to remember their lines before going on stage. So, its no surprise that I am in love with the NEW CID iBlush (£24) which actually has lights on the compact - this gorgeous blusher/highlighter duo is the latest addition to the 'light-up' range … [Read more...]