Moody Blues – Gorgeous Blue Shades

It's been a wee bit wet this last week, but let's not dwell on that - it's August, and somewhere the sun is high in the sky and someone is diving into the glorious deep blue sea! August makes me think of hot summer holidays, and in turn that got me thinking about blue skies and seas - and my favourite eyeshadow colour ever - BLUE! I also love a blue nail, I've tried a blue lip, and at some point I had blue in my hair. So, I've rounded up some … [Read more...]

Blue Monday, Blue Lipstick?

Today is Blue Monday. We're all meant to be down in the doldrums, full of the January blues, having failed at all our New Year resolutions, generally full of self-loathing. Ouch! I sincerely hope nobody feels like that, dear readers, it's really not that bad! It's going to snow this week - is that not fun?! Anyway, I digress. A little blue lipstick called Blue For You landed on my desk last week, and it is perfect for a Blue Monday beauty … [Read more...]

Something Blue?

Imagine if I turned up at my forthcoming nuptials with blue lipstick as my 'something blue'?! Well, I can if I want, thanks to a fab new mini collection from out-there beauty brand, Illamasqua. To Be Alive is the one of the more quirky collections which Illamasqua like to release now and then. Created by the brand's Creative Director, Alex Box, it's a gorgeous blue collection, with four products - an eye palette, a lipstick, a lipgloss, and a … [Read more...]