Benefit New Brow Styler and 5pm Brow Deals

Benefit has firmly established itself as the 'brow brand' of the UK and today adds ANOTHER brow product to its arsenal. Your brows will always be 'on fleek' if you are near a Benefit counter! This new Brow Styler is a 2-in-1 wax-pencil & powder for multiple brow looks. You can go for soft and full using the powder, clean and shaped using the wax-pencil, and bold and defined by combining the wax-pencil and the powder. The wax-pencil … [Read more...]

Benefit Add New Brow Product Shades

Benefit is all about extending the shade range this year - first it was Hoola, now it's their best-selling brow products. Benefit is the biggest brow brand in the land - if you don't have Bene-brows, do you even have brows?! The Brow Bars are massively popular - and good. And if you want a brow product, then Benefit is the go-to brand.The range is huge, with an amazing 12+ products,and all sort of brow kits. And now they have added FOUR  … [Read more...]

National Brow Day offers and Benefit Set

Benefit has positioned itself as the brow brand of the nation, and to celebrate National Brow Day (today, October 2), they launched the  Limited Edition Blockbuster Brow Set. Yes, it's another brow set from Benefit, but it's a brilliant one - and great value. It actually launched last month, but it's still available and it is SUCH good value. It contains FIVE of Benefit's best-selling brow products (full size), and one brow tool. It comes … [Read more...]

NEW Benefit Brow Contour

Is it just me, or are we actually TOTALLY obsessed with eyebrows? They are certainly big beauty news, and Benefit is the world's number one brow brand, so, if a new product is coming, it's coming from them. Benefit has so many eyebrow products, it's hard to know where to start - and here comes another one! This one is Brow Contour Pro - a 4-in-1 Contour Pencil. It's like one of those old four colour pens (Clarins did this style first last … [Read more...]

Benefit Brownanza Brow Wardrobe

There's one of the bakers on this years Great British Bake Off who is a bit more style than substance, isn't there? Steven - he makes amazing cakes, pastries, loaves, etc, and  they look so cool, but sometimes they just don't taste that good. Benefit can be a bit like the beauty world equivalent. Sometimes their products look So fabulous, but when you use them, they're a bit, well, 'meh'. Over the years they have had some amazing looking … [Read more...]

Benefit launch Foolproof Brow Powder

I honestly didn't expect another Benefit brow product this year - but here it is! The Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder is added to a collection that boasts an incredible TEN brow products and all sorts of kits and tools. But there's always room for one more it seems, and here it is. This new Foolproof Brow Powder promises full but natural looking brows. It is, as ever, cute, with the shape of the palette being the shape of a brow - which also makes … [Read more...]

Brows by Benefit and YSL

I have quite a brow history, it has to be said, and I have had long spells where they have been neglected. Recently I have been flitting between the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh, where they are lovingly threaded, and Benefit, where they are waxed and shaped. I love threading, but I also enjoy the Benefit Brow Bar experience, and they are kind enough to offer me complimentary brows. My recent experience at the Debenhams BrowBar in … [Read more...]

Benefit Brow Starter Kits

Remember when Benefit launched a million brow products earlier this year? Well, now they've sorted them all out for you, and popped them into cute little brow kits in even cuter tins. (Who doesn't love a tin?!) Benefit launched all the brow products you could ever need and then some back in June this year. It got a wee bit confusing at times, there were just so many products to choose from. But now, in the shape of cute little Brow … [Read more...]

Benefit’s New Brow Collection

Wowzer! Or should I say BROWzer! Okay, I promise, no more bad puns. BUT - lots of brows. And I mean LOTS. Benefit launch their new brow collection at the end of June, and it's, well, comprehensive, to say the least. There are ten - count'em, TEN - products, and a few tools as well, as if a dozen items wasn't enough! I don't know where to start. I had my brows done the other week by the lovely Claire from Benefit, using quite a few of the new … [Read more...]

Benefit’s Bold Is Beautiful Project 2016

Benefit launched their global philanthropy program, The Bold Is Beautiful Project, last year, and, after outstandingsucess,  they're back for a second year. Launched to spread the feel-good approach to beauty beyond the boutiques and counters, Benefit's campaign raised over $2,900,000USD globally in just one year, proving that it’s possible to empower big dreams and bold moves – one brow at a time! It's all about brows - and this year the … [Read more...]