Benefit Brownanza Brow Wardrobe

There's one of the bakers on this years Great British Bake Off who is a bit more style than substance, isn't there? Steven - he makes amazing cakes, pastries, loaves, etc, and  they look so cool, but sometimes they just don't taste that good. Benefit can be a bit like the beauty world equivalent. Sometimes their products look So fabulous, but when you use them, they're a bit, well, 'meh'. Over the years they have had some amazing looking … [Read more...]

Benefit launch Foolproof Brow Powder

I honestly didn't expect another Benefit brow product this year - but here it is! The Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder is added to a collection that boasts an incredible TEN brow products and all sorts of kits and tools. But there's always room for one more it seems, and here it is. This new Foolproof Brow Powder promises full but natural looking brows. It is, as ever, cute, with the shape of the palette being the shape of a brow - which also makes … [Read more...]

Benefit’s New Brow Collection

Wowzer! Or should I say BROWzer! Okay, I promise, no more bad puns. BUT - lots of brows. And I mean LOTS. Benefit launch their new brow collection at the end of June, and it's, well, comprehensive, to say the least. There are ten - count'em, TEN - products, and a few tools as well, as if a dozen items wasn't enough! I don't know where to start. I had my brows done the other week by the lovely Claire from Benefit, using quite a few of the new … [Read more...]