Guerlain AW18 Collection

Guerlain's new AW18 makeup collection has three colour products in it - a new blush, new lipsticks, and a new, innovative, eyebrow pencil. The collection doesn't have a name - the press info just calls it Fall 18, which gets my goat in itself. Last time I looked this season was autumn in UK...please, UK press and bloggers, stop using Fall! Guerlain's KissKiss Lipsticks (£28) come in coloured cases in this collection. The shades are Rouge … [Read more...]

Be Bold with Kiko’s Dark Treasure Collection

KIKO Milano's A/W 18 collection is out soon - and it's a beauty. The Dark Treasures collection is huge - almost too big to talk about, but I will try. There are LOADS of products in it - from skincare to makeup, to tools. The innovation here is makeup that contains active charcoal cleaners, one of the beauty world's favourite things for a while there. And there's 'Diamond Dust' in some of the products - but, yeah, that's not actual … [Read more...]

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection

Yes, it's time for Autumn makeup collections, and let's face it, when it rains, I'm quite happy to have a peek at what I can look forward to wearing in the lovely autumn months. It's probably my favourite season, with it's crisp, dry mornings, and beautiful foliage colours everywhere. And then there's all the new makeup collection, and the countdown to Christmas! Okay, I won't mention Christmas again, I promise!  Clarins autumn makeup is on … [Read more...]