Guerlain AW18 Collection

Guerlain's new AW18 makeup collection has three colour products in it - a new blush, new lipsticks, and a new, innovative, eyebrow pencil. The collection doesn't have a name - the press info just calls it Fall 18, which gets my goat in itself. Last time I looked this season was autumn in UK...please, UK press and bloggers, stop using Fall! Guerlain's KissKiss Lipsticks (£28) come in coloured cases in this collection. The shades are Rouge … [Read more...]

Autumn Beauty Colours

I love autumn - it's so pretty, agreed? And the colours of autumn transfer so beautifully into makeup - berry lips, russet eyes, and golden highlights. I wrote a post on my own blog last week with lots of lovely autumnal coloured beauty products - and some of my crocheted autumn leaves. Go have a read here if you like. “Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus, French philosopher, said that, and how right he … [Read more...]

Autumn garden shades of beauty

Autumn is surely the prettiest month, colour-wise. All those gorgeous browns, reds, and berry shades, and the last of the greens, as the plants and trees change and shed their leaves. So, I decided to take some of those autumn colours in make-up form and shoot them in an autumn garden. Gorgeous greens, beautiful berries, brilliant browns,and! These shades are perfect for autumn makeup, and berry and brown lips are bang on trend … [Read more...]