Filorga Global Repair

I wrote a feature for the Daily Record last week on Gen X skincare - skincare for women in the 40-55 age group, something that is largely overlooked. if you want to read it, then you can find it at my own blog here. One of the ranges I discovered whilst researching the piece was the new Filorga Global Repair  - out next month (which is next week, of course!). Filorga is an Italian skincare brand that I really like. It's a very clinical brand, … [Read more...]

Alpha-H Vitamin C Paste

The best beauty ingredients for your skin seem to change like the wind - one month it's charcoal, the next Centella Asiatica, the next retinol. They all have their worth, but it is safe to say that Vitamin C is one that should always stay near to, or at the top of your list. It stimulates collagen production, fights pigmentation issues and protects against photoageing. But, it's all about how much you get, in what form, and how concentrated … [Read more...]

L’Occitane NEW Precious Immortelle Dynamic Youthcare

L'Occitane has reformulated its Precious Dynamic Youthcare range for a new season, and if you are beginning to notice the first signs of ageing, then you need to check it out. At the heart of the collection lies a duo of complementary active ingredients - Immortelle essential oil and the dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex. Immortelle essential oil, known to have antioxidant properties, helps to fight against the effects of daily aggressors and … [Read more...]

bareMinerals launchAgeless Genius collection

It's another new year, and we're getting another year older. So, maybe time for a new anti-ageing range? bareMinerals will provide this month, with their new Ageless Genius collection, powered by gold. Formulated with a powerful complex of mineral gold and age-defying peptides, the new range delivers potent wrinkle-fighting results with three targeted treatment products - Firming & Wrinkle Smoothing Serum, Neck Cream, and Eye … [Read more...]

NEW Clarins Double Serum relaunch

Clarins Double Serum - a bestseller since it's introduction - is now going through its eighth incarnation! The latest version has a new ingredient  -  turmeric. There's a lot of beauty buzz about this ingredient. I just read a recent article about beauty bloggers advocating making home made masks from turmeric and coconut oil. Please don't do this - EVER! But, turmeric does have great properties. I've recently discovered a hand and body cream … [Read more...]

Dr Barbara Sturm Skincare in Space NK

I met Dr Barbara Sturm last week in Edinburgh's Space NK. She's a German scientist in the field of molecular medicine, who is most famous for creating a skin cream from your own blood. Celebrities love it - and it has a celebrity price-tag, at around £1000 a pop. Read more here. But, thanks to clients at her clinics, Dr Sturm decided it was time to launch her own skincare range to complement her clinic ranges - something she admits didn't come … [Read more...]

Skincare booster shots from Intraceuticals

I get lots of press releases about new products, and ploughing through them, I love it when I come across something that catches my eye, something new that I have never seen before. This week it's these Intraceuticals Rejuvenate+ Boosters. These cute little skincare shots have been designed to completely customise the results of their other products - their hyaluronic acid packed Rejuvenate Oxygen Treatment and at-home Rejuvenate Daily Serum, … [Read more...]

Clarins New Double Serum

A new year, another year older. Not the most joyful way to look at things, but true all the same! However, fear not, there are plenty of beauty products out there to help fight the wrinkles and fine lines that will plague us the older we get! Clarins have produced a New Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate, based on 27 years of anti-ageing expertise. They've been at this anti-ageing lark since I was 14, so I'm going to trust them! … [Read more...]

Clinique’s new anti-ageing answer – Repairwear Uplifting SPF15

Another day, another anti-ageing cream! This is the latest from Clinique, out November 2nd nationwide, and new to their Repairwear line. Repairwear Uplifting SPF 15 Firming Cream is formulated with ingredients specially selected to help visibly firm, volumise and restore skin texture, as well as prevent against UV damage. You skin will feel an immediate forming sensation upon application - this does happen - and with continued use, you'll notice … [Read more...]

Targeted anti-ageing from M&S

Marks and Spencer have a great anti-ageing skincare range for anyone aged 30 and up. It's called Formula, and it is divided into four categories, Age Defence for 30+ years in pink packaging, Age Repair for 40+ in silver packaging, Age Replenish for 50+ in gold packaging, and Age Restore for 60+ in bronze packaging.  Great idea, don't you think? The Age Restore range in particular is a great idea, tailored to a market that is sometimes ignored by … [Read more...]