REN launch Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

REN launch their latest AHA product this month - their Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids have sparked a lot of debate in the beauty world of late. Nothing like industrial strength acids, like hydrocholric or sulfuric, cosmetic products containing AHAs - and usually glycolic acid and lactic acid - are intended to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and are usually fruit or plant based. Some say they're too harsh on … [Read more...]

My bedtime beauty routine

The clocks go back this weekend and we get an extra hour in bed - hoorah! That means an extra hour of beauty sleep, so extra time for those products to do their magic whilst you sleep. I wrote a feature about extra hour beauty sleep products in the Daily Record last week - you can read the article here. But I thought I would share exactly what products I am currently using when I hit the hay, and how best to keep your skincare routine at … [Read more...]

Alpha-H launch Liquid Gold Rose

Alpha-H's Liquid Gold is one of my absolute favourite beauty products. it launched back in 2000, and utilises Glycolic Acid to thoroughly cleanse/exfoliate your skin. You use it once, every other day,  in the evening before bed, and I cannot stress enough how good it is. If I stop using it, I feel the difference - and I see it very quickly. Now, Alpha-H are introducing their award-winning treatment in a new formula - Liquid Gold Rose, which … [Read more...]

Beauty Sleep Skincare

We get an extra hour of wonderful sleep this weekend, as the clocks go back to bring British Summer Time to an official end. And as beauty products work best when you are asleep, make sure you make the most of them this weekend! I love my nighttime beauty routine and I also like to vary the products I use  - sometimes my skin needs a more intensive product, sometimes I like to layer, and other times I just like to treat it. 1.There's only … [Read more...]

Cult Beauty – Alpha H Liquid Gold

Whilst it’s always great to celebrate new launches in the beauty world- and there are more than enough of them to do that on this blog every week – there are some cult beauty products we just love to celebrate. Classics that have stood the test of time, maintained their best-selling status, and products that many of us couldn’t live without. So, let’s celebrate one every week! ALPHA H LIQUID GOLD Have you heard of Alpha H? If not, then go look … [Read more...]

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is 15!

Are you familiar with Australian skincare brand, Alpha-H? If not, then I suggest you get yourself familiarised with them immediately! One of my faves, their cult product and best-seller is Liquid Gold, and it's 15 years old this year! To celebrate Alpha-H, who regularly sell on TV shopping channel, QVC, are today's TSV - Today's Special Value - with a brilliant deal. For 24 hours, the offer is a set of three Alpha-H Liquid Golds – 1 50ml, 1 … [Read more...]