Adult Acne Products Tried and Tested

Acne AND wrinkles? How can this be true?! But spots aren't just for teenagers. And even if you had clear skin all through those teenage years, various factors might mean, as you approach your more, well, mature, years, spots might appear. There are so many causes for skin eruptions, and various types of acne. Hormones, stress, external factors, intolerance to types of food - the list goes on. Thankfully, there are products available that will … [Read more...]

Garnier Pure Active Spot Control

Acne is not just for teenagers. Even if you didn't have as much as a pimple in your teens, you might be one of a huge number of women in the UK who are suffering from adult acne. Hormones trigger this at various stages in a woman's life, and sports are the primary skin concern for over half of the women in the UK, according to Garnier research. We've all had the odd spot panic, or the tingling feeling that one is about to appear, and once a spot … [Read more...]

Danielle Romeril for Neutrogena

Irish fashion designer Danielle Romeril has designed some really smart packaging for Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit range. I have to admit to not being that au fait with the Dublin designer's work, but she will present her sixth collection at London Fashion Week this September, so that's quite a big deal, agreed? Her vibrant print for the Limited Edition Neutrogena packaging is inspired by Memphis, not the town, but the Italian … [Read more...]