Favourite cleansers from Clinique and Eve Lom

I thought I would share my two current favourite cleansers with you - Eve Lom Gel Cleanser, and Clinique's 2 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Gel. I am sharing them because I am really surprised that I like these cleansers so much - I really didn't expect to. I have experimented with how and when I use them, and I now use the Eve Lom in the morning, and the Clinique to take off my makeup at night. The Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser (£45, Space NK) is … [Read more...]

Skinade Collagen Drink

For 30 days recently I drank Skinade every morning, one of the latest collagen drinks on the market. I have to admit I have never been one for beauty supplements. I dislike swallowing tablets of any sort, so popping collagen pills has never had much appeal. Drinking something not that pleasant every day for a month or more is also not that appealing. I am hopeless with juice diets (anyone want to buy a juicer? Hardly used...), I really don't … [Read more...]

Avon and Rimmel new mascaras

It's mascara time! Mascara must be the second beauty product I have tried the most of (behind red lipsticks!), as there always seems to be a new one launching. Recently I have been faithful to the Max Factor Masterpiece mascara that launched back in October last year. But, duty calls, so I have been trying two new mascaras - Avon's Big & False Lash Volume Mascara, and Rimmel's Super Curler Mascara. Let's look at Avon … [Read more...]

Five Facial Oils

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with facial oils. I have tried LOADS over the last few years, and they just keep on coming. Facial oils are NOT just for dry skin. Many of them are actually much better for oily skin than any moisturising cream. However, sometimes, I find them too heavy, sometimes too light.  I've had facial oils that have clogged my pores in the past, and oils that have disappeared into my skin so much that I have felt … [Read more...]

Multi-Purpose Products

I love a multi-purpose product. Especially in the summer, or on holiday. Let's be honest, there are probably plenty of us who have used a bit of lipstick on our cheeks at some point, yeah? But there are actual multi-purpose products out there, mostly for lips and cheeks, that are perfect for slinging in our bag when we're on the go. So, I've had a wee look at six multi-purpose products that I think you will like. 1. Illamasqua Gel Colour, … [Read more...]

Origins Original Skin Face Mask

Origins have added a mask to their Original Skin range, the Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. The Original Skin range was developed with 25+ age bracket in mind. Their hashtag #quarterlifecrisis goes with any social media chat on this range. So far, the range consists of two items - the Original Skin Renewal serum with Willowherb, which launched earlier this year, and now this new mask. What Origins are trying to achieve with … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride Hair and Makeup Masterclass

To be a mother of the bride (or mother of the groom) is a joyous experience that leaves no time for niggly hair and makeup distractions. It's a time where the mum should feel 100% confident in her look so she is free to forget about it and soak up every second of her child's special day. Our Customer Care Advisor Julie Marie Snaddon is getting married next spring, so we decided to give her mum Lesley a mother of the bride hair and make up … [Read more...]

Exfoliation Dirty Dozen!

Exfoliation is a dirty business! Essentially, it's getting rid of all the old, dead skin cells, and revealing smoother, more luminous, brighter complexions. It's also something that we probably are all guilty of not doing enough of. Facial exfoliation should be an essential part of our skncare routine, at least a few times a week. I am terrible at it, but, for the last few weeks, I have been scrubbing away at my skin, all for your benefit, trying … [Read more...]

Chanel’s CC Cream

Here's a lovely new Chanel product for you; the CC Cream. Yes, CC Creams are still around! Chanel's is offering the 'strength of simplicity', and by that they mean five actions in one single step. I kind of wish they had used their interlinked iconic double C for this, but maybe that is taking it too far! So, this is, as most CC creams are, a complete skincare product. You can instantly correct any minor flaws, with reasonable makeup coverage, … [Read more...]

Flamboyage: a groundbreaking colour technique exclusive to Glasgow salon

First there was ombre. Then there was balayage. Now there's flamboyage? If you haven't heard of flamboyage don't worry. It's a new colour technique that is only being offered in two salons in Scotland, one of which is in Glasgow. Said Glasgow salon is Andersons in the Merchant City who have recently joined 5pm Spa & Beauty. Flamboyage is different from other hair colouring methods as the colour is painted on in isolation using an … [Read more...]