Seven Shimmer products for Summer!

Who doesn't like a bit of shimmer in the summer? Here's seven of my current favourite shimmery products! I'm not a huge shimmery, golden glow kind of gal, but I do love a bit of shimmer on a summer evening. Any tan looks instantly lifted with a bit of a shimmer added to it, be it from a bronzer, an oil, or a brightening blush. Marks and Spencer have a brilliant Limited Collection shimmery range, with all sorts of products. Their Shimmer Bronzing … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder relaunch Advanced Night Repair Eye

Estee Lauder will launch new versions of their Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, and Eye Cream from August.  Last July, Estee Lauder relaunched their Advanced Night Repair - the new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II was born, and I absolutely love it. I blogged about that relaunch on here. These two new relaunches of the Advanced Night Repair eye products happen next week. If you haven't tried Advanced Night Repair in any … [Read more...]

YSL Black Fetish Collection

It's sunny outside, summer is here, and we're all feeling, well, summery, so ... it's a great time to talk about Autumn /Winter makeup! I know, I know, but the Autumn/Winter beauty collections hit the counters in August, and this one hits in July! So let's start this week with this GORGEOUS collection from YSL. Featuring the beautiful Cara Delevingne in the campaign images, the Fall 2014 YSL look  - Black Fetish - was inspired by leather. "I am … [Read more...]

Radiance Revealing Masks

Face masks are one of those things that I have odd memories of. Always portrayed in movies as white or green chalky things, and always on women's faces at completely inappropriate times in almost every sitcom written. Just applied a facemask? That must be the doorbell and it must be the man I love at the door - you know the script! I can remember being taught how to apply a kaolin based chalky mask with my special brush as a beauty school student … [Read more...]

Dr Murad in Debenhams Glasgow

A brand new, shiny Dr Murad counter opened in the Debenhams Argyle Street Glasgow beauty hall this week. Who is Dr Murad? Well, he's Dr Howard Murad, an American Board-certified Dermatologist and trained pharmacist, who has treated thousands of patients over more than 30 years in practice, and who has his own skincare line, Dr Murad. Dr Murad is a little different than many other 'Dr' brands in that he looks at the whole picture - well being as … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Bases

This week I've gone shopping with my trusty 1980s jelly basket for summer bases. Do you change your foundation in the summer months? You should, if you don't already. Summer means we can get away with something lighter, more of a tinted moisturiser than an actual foundation. You want to let any summer glow shine through, and if you get a holiday tan, you may need a slightlt different shade anyway. I love the range of bases available in the beauty … [Read more...]

All the fake tans!

Okay, that's not strictly true, of course, because there are loads of fake tans out there. We all know the salon brands, St Tropez and Fake Bake, of course. They have great reputations and there is a reason for their popularity. But what about other fake tans out there - and all  the different formulas and formats! Creams, lotions, mousses, liquids, sprays. Wash off, gradual, one-hour, regular, face, body. It's a massive market - we all love to … [Read more...]

The Body Shop Sorbets Face and Body

Earlier this week, I was enthusing about gel products - today it's more of the same, with these excellent new sorbet products from The Body Shop. First up is Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, a gorgeous cooling skincare treat. on. Refreshingly cool, with a velvety soft texture and deep hydration, it's a perfect summer moisturiser. It contains something called "Aqua Sphere technology"  – microscopic moisture spheres that act like tiny reservoirs and … [Read more...]

Origins and Indeed Labs Gel Beauty

I've been trying out a couple of new gel prodiucts over the weekend. The first is an innovative moisturiser from Indeed Labs (the brand behind the successful Nanoblur, which I blogged about the other year)  Hydraluron Moisture Jelly (£24.99, Boots) is a little pot of moisturising gel which you simply pump up when you want to use it. It has all sorts of science behind it - containing things like PatcH2O - a micron network moisture complex, and … [Read more...]

Don’t Step on a Bee Day beauty!

Today is National Don't Step on a Bee Day. Who does that anyway? Shame on you! I love bees, and we should all embrace these colourful buzzy creatures. The recent press surrounding the 'Bee Crisis’ has been hard to ignore. Bees are essential to life. Did you know that without the tireless work of our little buzzy friends, over a third of everything we eat would disappear from our tables? And, bees provide all sorts of great things for beauty … [Read more...]