Garnier Funshine! Weatherproof Your Beauty Routine

The weather is being classically British at the moment - bright sunshine one minute, rain the next, then overcast and cloudy. Lovely! But Garnier are having some #GarnierFunshine despite this, with products for every type of weather! I'm having a BBQ this weekend, so please let's have some sun! I have drawn some very bad weather icons in this post too - enjoy! If the weather forecast is overcast, then don't think your skin is safe - damage can … [Read more...]

Fake Freckles from TopShop

I'm not entirely sure about this latest beauty trend - fake freckles! It's not the first time I've heard of it, and I am sure for catwalk shows, if the look requires freckled faces, then it can look great. But are you really going to pencil on some freckles and go out like that? TopShop think so and have launched their Freckle Pencil, to allow you to do just that. Use for playful, sophisticated, seductive and fun-loving looks. Adorn your … [Read more...]

Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation Review

The Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation was launched back in February. I was sent some to review, and I am finally getting round to trialling this foundation. The price tag of £50 a bottle put me off a bit - although it's not the most expensive foundation I have ever used, that accolade goes to Sisley, remember this? Still, at £50, its a real beauty investment - but I do think if you are going to splash out, then do it on skincare or base products. … [Read more...]

Glasgow’s Miles Better… For Your Skin

A survey by beauty brand Simple exploring the negative impact that living in a city has on our skin has revealed Glasgow as the UK's most skin-friendly city. The stress levels of 1100 women living in the UK's busiest cities were monitored over a 12-month period to develop this 'City Skin Scale'. Three factors were taken into account - three aggressors on skin - pollution, stress levels and the sun. And, before we get too cocky, if we flip this … [Read more...]

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

The Smart Custom-Repair Serum a pretty interesting launch from Clinique - it's a 'one-size-fits-all' serum, in effect. It delivers targeted repair as and where needed, and clinical tests have proven its performance. Apparently, after a 12-week study, results showed visible improvement in treating uneven skin tone, dark spots, dullness, lines and wrinkles and firming. The breakthrough formula harnesses the power of 37 patents to deliver this … [Read more...]

Beauty News!

* It had to happen - we've had BB creams for skin, and hair, and now US brand Orly is to launch an industry first – a BB cream for nails! BB, or blemish balm, creams have been one of the biggest things in the skincare market of late, bridging the gap between moisturiser and foundation and are popular because they offer a two-in-one solution. so, Orly has now adopted the concept and repurposed it for the nails world with its BB Crème, a … [Read more...]

Origins GinZing Scrub Cleanser

It's all about lacklustre skin, skin brightening, and radiance in the beauty world at the moment it seems! Here's another product I've been trying out, to get that 'glow' back to my complexion. (I should be shining like a beacon by the time I've tried all of these products!) Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser is a two-in-one facial product which cleanses AND exfoliates, helping get rid of those dead skin cells which lead to that dull, … [Read more...]

Instant Facial from Alpha-H

If lacklustre skin, lack of radiance, and just a bit of a 'meh' complexion are your problems, then you might just need this Instant Facial from Alpha-H. Who needs an Instagram filter when you've got an Alpha-H Instant Facial!? This product will guarantee you can use #nofilterneeded! It's a bit of a miracle this product - doing all sorts of good things for the skin, with just one sweep of a cotton pad. It's a resurfacing and hydrating solution, … [Read more...]

Darphin’s Vitalskin

Last week I was treated to a Darphin facial featuring one of their latest products , Vitalskin Relumping Energic Cream. More on the facial later, but first let's look at the product. Darphin research shows that, like your body, your skin has a metabolism that slows over time. That's not rocket science is it? We all know that ageing, and wrinkles in particular, are caused by the slowing down of collagen production. Collagen gives our skin that … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Grooming Gifts

It's Father's Day on Sunday - don't forget! Don't buy dad a pair of socks, or a mug, or a box of chocolates. Treat him to something he may never go out and buy himself - a grooming gift! Men may be more and more into grooming than ever before, but is your dad? Would he really splash out on a new shaving set, or a fragrance gift set? Probably not, so do it for him! Aramis is a classic men's fragrance, with a retro vibe. Don Draper would … [Read more...]