Buy 5PM Vouchers Now – Treat Yourself Later

The Coronavirus pandemic has closed the hair and beauty salons, but you can do your bit to make sure they open again by buying Gift Vouchers. Keep businesses like 5pm and its salons ticking over  - and have a much-needed salon treat when the virus has gone, and normal life is resumed. Vouchers are valid for a year, so you can gift now - to yourself or a loved one - and treat yourself later. You can buy vouchers in denominations of £10 and … [Read more...]

NEW Liz Earle Skin Repair Bespoke Skincare

It's all about the Base - and the Boost - with Liz Earle's newest skincare collection, launched this week. Skincare Made Personal is a pretty simple concept  -three moisturisers with a trio of textures, and three water-based boosters to add to them to empower you to personalise your skincare routine with just one drop. This is not a new idea, in fact, it's been done by quite a few companies in the past, most memorably for me by Clarins, who … [Read more...]

Hand Washing and Hand Cream

One thing we have all been doing a LOT of since the Coronavirus pandemic arrived is washing our hands. AND WE MUST KEEP DOING IT. Constantly. Washing our hands is one of the most important things to do in the current Coronavirus climate. However, all that handwashing is going to take its toll on our skin. And if you are using alcohol-based sanitiser, it's going to be even worse. It's importsnt then to have a good hand cream to apply after each … [Read more...]

Beauty Sleep with It Cosmetics

The clocks spring forward this Saturday, meaning we all lose an hour's beauty sleep. But if you get yourself a tub of It Cosmetics brand new night cream, no-one will ever tell! It's called Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream, and I've been trialling this cream this week, and I have to admit that the texture did throw me at first. It has a sort of bouncy texture, almost jelly-like, but not a gel. It's also a sort of pale lilac, parma … [Read more...]

Beauty Kitchen Launch Subscribe & Save Service

Scottish brand Beauty Kitchen is making sustainable beauty even more attainable with its brand new subscription service - Subscribe & Save. Beauty Kitchen aims to save 100 plastic bottles a year per household from ending up in landfill with this new initiative. It's available exclusively from the Beauty Kitchen website, and as well as buying into sustainable beauty, you will also save up to 58% off your favourite natural, organic, vegan … [Read more...]

5pm Beauty Fixes for Friday 13th

If you are feeling a little down on your luck beauty-wise this Friday 13th don't despair! 5pm Spa and Beauty has something for every beauty woe - from lacklustre skin to lank hair, to nails that have been gnawed. And the best bit is they're all at brilliant prices, as ever. We've highlighted a few of them here, for five particular beauty woes, but whatever you are looking for, go take a look!   LACKLUSTRE SKIN If your skin is feeling a … [Read more...]

Wash Your Hands Well with Jo Loves and Floris

Are you washing your hands properly, and often? In the face of the Coronavirus outbreak, we've all been told to wash our hands more. We should be washing them regularly anyway, and always with soap and water. You might want to carry a hand sanitizer when you are out and about, but only one with alcohol content will be effective against a virus - and good luck finding them. I was sent this Scottish-themed hand sanitizer from Mad Beauty a few … [Read more...]

Facial Fun with 5pm and Estee Lauder Essence

This new Estee Lauder Micro Essence with Sakura Ferment is £79. That's not a cheap product. It's a really light essence-in-lotion, which Lauder say will 'work deep within the skin's surface to stabilise the skin and reveal an angelic glow'.  Infused with Sakura Ferment, this innovative formula with double-flowered cherry blossoms from Japan and sake lees fermented with cherry yeast creates skin that feels soothed and supple. A lot of work has … [Read more...]

Skin Sapiens Skincare

Skin Sapiens is the latest sustainable skincare brand to land in my inbox. These independent brands are popping up more and more, and this one is really simple, stylish and superbly packaged. It's also certified natural and 100 per cent vegan. The brand believes in total transparency from ingredients to packaging, so every ingredient, and where it has come from is listed clearly, in simple terms, which is brilliant, really and something some … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Launches

I do love an Estee Lauder product. There's something about the brand. It's one of the original beauty brands, and it's probably one of the first I ever used. I was a big fan of Lucidity Face Powder back in the day, way before I was a beauty writer. I love the smell of the Daywear products, and I'm fascinated by the family - imagine being part of that clan?! I also recently bought the 1980s unauthorised biography of Estee herself by disgraced … [Read more...]