NEW No7 Laboratories Skin Pastes and No7 Foundation

Pastes. That's a formula I keep hearing. Yesterday it was the new Alpha-H paste, today it's two new pastes from Boots No7 Laboratories. This new No7 range has passed me by, but I am hopeful I'm back on the press office radar now. They kindly sent me the two new pastes that launch to the Skin Paste range next week - Hydrating, and Clearing. They also sent the latest No7 foundation - the Protect & Perfect Advanced All in One … [Read more...]

Alpha-H Vitamin C Paste

The best beauty ingredients for your skin seem to change like the wind - one month it's charcoal, the next Centella Asiatica, the next retinol. They all have their worth, but it is safe to say that Vitamin C is one that should always stay near to, or at the top of your list. It stimulates collagen production, fights pigmentation issues and protects against photoageing. But, it's all about how much you get, in what form, and how concentrated … [Read more...]

L’Occitane NEW Precious Immortelle Dynamic Youthcare

L'Occitane has reformulated its Precious Dynamic Youthcare range for a new season, and if you are beginning to notice the first signs of ageing, then you need to check it out. At the heart of the collection lies a duo of complementary active ingredients - Immortelle essential oil and the dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex. Immortelle essential oil, known to have antioxidant properties, helps to fight against the effects of daily aggressors and … [Read more...]

Boost that Complexion with Erborian – or a Facial from 5pm Salons

At the end of the summer season, you need to give your skin a little bit of a boost. I know my skin starts to lose that summer glow the minute the calendar changes to September, so time to boost it, agreed? Erborian is launching a new CC Dull Correct Cream which - well the clue's in the name. This will correct any dullness in your skin, and see you glowing through the first month of Autumn. It works on a simple colour wheel principle - purple … [Read more...]

Barry M Helps You Maintain That Summer Glow

It's been a funny old summer - rain one minute, sunshine the next. And repeat. But it is almost September, so autumn will soon be on us. However, the lovely people at Barry M have created a couple of products to help you maintain that summer glow - and they won't break the bank. First up, the Crystal Potion Shimmer Body Oil. This stuff will give you that all-over radiance you feel when you're on holiday in the sun. It contains coconut oil and … [Read more...]

After Summer Offers from Time Bomb x QVC .. and 5pm

It's time for another QVC x Time Bomb massive deal -and this one really does have a whopping saving  - of 80 per cent on the RRP. The Après Summer Shimmer Collection also includes a new product  - the SHOW-OFF Shimmer Lotion. The deal will cost £43 + £4.95 P&P, and separately the products would actually cost £223.50. You will receive Complexion Cocktail With A Shot of B12 (100ml), Glory Days Day Cream (100ml), Smart Balm Eye Cream (15ml), … [Read more...]

Make a date to exfoliate!

Exfoliation is key to good skin. You have to sometimes slough off those dead skin cells to let the new ones shine through. I find it particularly helpful at a few different times of the year - as spring appears, before summer holidays, at the end of summer, and in the middle of winter. Exfoliating face and body is key to maintaining healthy skin. Clarins launched three new classic style exfoliators last month - their new Face Scrubs. The … [Read more...]

Friday Face Mask: Erborian Matte & Glow Shot Masks

Face Masks had that moment where everyone was doing them, all the time. The more instagrammable the better it seemed. How they looked on seemed to be more important than what they did (if anything) for a while there. I think we reached 'peak masking', and something else came along to draw the influencers in, but I still love a good face mask, and I do like a sheet mask most of all - they are easy to use, simple to apply, and they give you that … [Read more...]

Beautiful Big Deals

It's a new month, time to treat yourself to a BIG DEAL - and  5pm Spa and Beauty has plenty of big deals to choose from.  Maybe a Spa Day is up your street, it's time for some serious massage, or a simple manicure is on the menu. Whatever your beauty needs, there's a deal for you on 5pm. Let's start with a fantastic deal at the luxurious Trump Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire. This is a stunning property, with amazing views, beautiful decor, and a … [Read more...]

Facial Mists and Setting Sprays

There's a big beauty trend for setting sprays. They'll keep your newly applied makeup in perfect position - even if the heatwave weather of last week returns in spades. There also seem to be more and more new misting serums and moisturisers on the market - a new and efficient way to apply product to your skin, particularly in the summer. Here are a few of the newest and best setting sprays and mists available at the moment. Elemis Pro-Collagen … [Read more...]